The English School of Manners and Etiquette. Providing capsule courses in British etiquette and manners. 开设礼仪精修班
The English School of Manners and Etiquette.Providing capsule courses in British etiquette and manners.开设礼仪精修班

Bookings now being taken for 2017.  Places are limited.

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Manners define your character and influence your attitude as well as the way you treat other people, be it your superiors, peers, or inferiors.

"The world was my oyster... but I used the wrong fork!" Oscar Wilde

No matter who you are or what you do, your manners will have a direct impact on your professional and social success.  Whether you need to learn Western manners and etiquette skills for business, or you jusy want to learn for fun - there is no better tuition that that received from a British subject - it's something we learn from birth!

无论你是谁,做什么工作,你的举止仪态都将直接影响你职场和社交的成功。不论你是出于工作需要还是兴趣使然想学习西方礼仪, 最好的方法无疑是跟我们这些土生土长的英国人学,因为我们一出生就在学了。

From how to make introductions to which fork should be used, we ensure that essential skills are taught to support both social and professional engagements. Our single day capsule courses ensure that you have the basic skills necessary to impress and to avoid any social faux pas.


Good manners define you as a person, while etiquette is what make you socially acceptable. They help you gain respect and create a good as well as lasting impression.


With the globalization of industries and marketplaces bringing businesses ever closer to all the unique cultures around the world, it is now more important for businesses to understand why business etiquette is important.  Unlike other etiquette providers, we ensure that the basic and finer details are passed on efficiently without the need for staff to undertake several days training.


Our courses are also fun and make excellent gift ideas for ladies wishing to learn new skills - nothing is worn better with the latest designer bags than perfect manners!

我们的课程也极具趣味,适合作为礼物送给正希望学习一项新技能的女士。 拿着最新款名牌包包的女士,有什么比完美的举止仪态更能与之相称呢?



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