The English School of Manners and Etiquette. Providing capsule courses in British etiquette and manners. 开设礼仪精修班
The English School of Manners and Etiquette.Providing capsule courses in British etiquette and manners.开设礼仪精修班

Etiquette and British Manners Workshops 2017


The perfect course designed to suit every need - from handling social situations and invitations, to impressing Western clients over dinner.






The course includes:


  • Introductions, meetings and greetings 
  • The importance of small talk
  • Grooming and presentation skills
  • Dining and table manners
  • Communications
  • Dealing with everyday situations
  • 相互介绍,会面和问候礼
  • 寒暄的重要性
  • 仪表修饰和打扮技巧
  • 用餐礼仪
  • 交谈礼仪
  • 日常礼仪


Each course involves practical sessions within the group to ensure that each student has had the chance to put into practice the valuable lessons learnt.  We are also able to provide private group sessions for friends and family - contact us




A full lunch is provided to assist with dining etiquette and table manners.


Places for each course are limited - Book here




每门课程名额有限, 报名从速 


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